Introduction to the International meeting "Macaronesian contribution to the Atlantic Forum"                         

The Macaronesian region would like to contribute to the Atlantic forum with concrete flagship initiatives to generate real added value to the marine and maritime sectors. These initiatives try to increase the effectiveness in delivering common and coordinated objectives within the Atlantic region as well as to promote its overall harmonious development, leading to the strengthening of its economic, social and territorial cohesion and public-private partnerships. They are focused on generating products and employment, opening new sustainable economic opportunities within the sector, improving regional development effectively, and smart and inclusive economic growth.

The Macaronesian region is ideally located to contribute and ready to play a relevant and active role within the Atlantic Strategy. There are several initiatives and projects in the region clustering administration, academia and private partners on the main topics of the Atlantic Strategy, specially propelled by programmes as MAC (Madeira-Azores-Canarias transnational cooperation programme 2007-2013). The workshop will contribute to the Atlantic Forum by upwelling and promoting flagship initiatives and projects that would contribute to the creation of sustainable jobs and growth in the Atlantic area, through the involvement of research centres, scientific infrastructures, local authorities and interested stakeholders.


Several initiatives will be identified, presented and discussed in a meeting that will be held in Gran Canaria (26th - 27th April). The conference will be the kick-off meeting for a process that aims to facilitate the discussion, consensus and convergence of initiatives and partnerships. It will work out main outputs, outcomes, benefits and practical approaches to efficiently achieve as well as build appropriated partnerships within the region and with other EU and international stakeholders.